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Aislinn Bornais

Research Assistant

Aislinn collaborates with the team on human-centered research design and implementation, data analysis, and training workshops.

About Aislinn

Aislinn joins the Think Digital team as a Research Assistant supporting consulting and research projects, data analysis, and workshops.

In University, she spent years studying ethical research methodology and statistical analysis. Aislinn specializes in human-centered research design for the betterment of population health outcomes. She has worked on projects that use publicly available data to analyze the current model fit of the Canadian healthcare system, as well as comparative research in the realm of addictions.

To Think Digital, she takes with her a passion in using the latest technology to create change. Aislinn gained an interest in digital technologies as part of her hobbies in gaming, and likes to keep up with new advancements and trends. Her other hobbies include cooking traditional dishes from around the world, 3D printing, and car culture.

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